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Join Kamloops’ top-teachers for high-quality instruction helping you to achieve your wellness goals.

With high levels of training and experience in each of their fields, our instructors are professional and friendly.

Shalen Curle
AKA Shay

Students describe her as: Motivational, fun, enthusiastic, engaging, animated, expressive, positive, upbeat with a big smile and spunky attitude.

Dance is truly one of Shay’s favourite things. Shay has been dancing since she was a child and has dabbled in many forms including but not limited to tap, ballet, jazz, latin, ballroom, free-style and can can. Although she must admit that the dance that releases her inner gangsta is her favourite, hip hop baby! More recently Shay has also fallen in love with Zumba, primarily because of it’s high energy, fun variety and magical way that it gets your sweat on without even noticing it. She’s a girl that loves being active but hates working out; Oh my god, I think they’re in love! You’ll feel her energy, passion and love for dance in every step and motion you make together. Surely you’ll be inspired with Shay’s positive energetic flare and she will surely keep you coming back for more! Shay is certified in Zumba levels 1 and 2, Bokwa Fitness level 1, Zumba Gold, Zumba toning and is an active ZIN and Bokwafit member. She also holds a BBA and is the mastermind behind the magic as the owner of Let’s Move Studio.
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Tracy Doree
AKA Toesie

Students describe her as: Having a quiet energy and passion, reserved enthusiasm, soft, positive with the ability to offer gentle guidance.

Tracy fell in love with dance at the age of 3 and began studying Ballet. She later added Jazz and Modern to her repertoire. She studied the History of Dance and Modern Movement at Simon Fraser University; specializing in how to teach dance. Tracy has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in French and Minor in Educational Psychology. She has studied, mentored, performed and taught in various settings to all ages of students. She is also a proud member of Kamloops Burlesque and a Pole dance enthusiast. Tracy looks forward to sharing a modern flare to more traditional, structured forms of dance.
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Phakchanok Sapphansaen
AKA Pugun

Students describer her as: smart, energetic, passionate, sassy, fresh.

Besides being a chemical biology nerd at TRU, Pugun’s passion is dance. Pugun has always been the girl in the front row performing since the tender age of 5. She was born and raised in Thailand and throughout her life she helped many of her teachers choreograph various dance styles including Thai Jazz, lyrical, pop, and country. Pugun has also competed and won awards in the genres of Cha Cha and Waltz. Since moving to Canada, Pugun has been introduced to Hip Hop and she has fallen in love with this genre of dance. She has practised this dance style consistently for the last 7 years and continues her own learning through various workshops and online classes. She also likes exploring new dance styles and more recently she’s started to get interested in and to integrate Kpop into her routines. She loves choreographed hip hop, basic movement and freestyle musicality. Her resume includes dancing with and winning awards as part of the HYPE dance crew and is currently a part of the 560 dance crew from TRU. Join her for some fresh moves on the dance floor!
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Laurie Forner
AKA Laurie

Students describer her as: Kind, positive, supportive, smiley, easy-going, calming.

Born with a love of music and a passion for choreography Laurie’s first love of dance was on ice skates doing figure skating. Then in 1983 Laurie was dragged to her first “dance fitness class” where she became hooked as a participant and eventually an instructor. In 1986 Laurie’s first child was born in fetal distress causing Cerebral Palsy and his right side was paralysed. This turned her interest in dance into a much deeper need to understand the human body. She became motivated to learn everything she could about muscles, energy & nutrition. In 1988 she became a certified fitness instructor through Y and ventured to gain further knowledge in everything from Karate to Reiki. Laurie became licensed to teach Zumba in 2011 and she loves burning calories in the upbeat atmosphere Zumba creates! She also teaches Adapted Zumba for people with special needs. Laurie believes that exercise and good nutrition are the first prescription to good health for life! Join her for some fun on the fitness dance floor!
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Aditi Gupta

Students describer her as: positive, energetic, smiley, fun, vibrant.

Originally, Adi is from Delhi, India. She has been dancing since she was a child but started taking Zumba classes in her teens. Later on, in her life she became a certified instructor and has been teaching since 2017. She loves Zumba because of the fitness components combined with different kinds of fun dance moves. The genre of workout is energetic, just like her! And that is why she loves it! Because of her background and passion for Bollywood and Punjabi music, you’ll find her classes filled with a variety of Latin, hip hop and Indian inspiration. Her reason for every dance class is simple: let’s party! Come join her, she guarantees that you will have a blast!
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Ana Facuri

Students describer her as: positive, cute, sweet, knowledgeable.

Ana is originally from South America. In Brazil she is a lawyer but here in Canada she finishing her Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology. She is a former professional ballerina and has also been a yoga instructor in different capacities. Ana has been mainly inspired by many ashtanga teachers throughout the years. She has studied under Sharmila Desai, John Scott, David Swenson, and Tim Miller to name a few. All these teachers have greatly influenced her understanding and teaching of Ashtanga Yoga. She guides her students to use asana as a tool to cultivate a stable body, and a steady mind. Besides teaching yoga, she also uses dance and other forms of movement as a tool for social transformation, inclusion, and healing. Throughout her own journey she has had the opportunity to support various communities in different countries as a dance artist and a therapist. Ana is so excited to share her knowledge, love and passion for dance and yoga with you. Join her in the studio for some beautiful workouts that will offer you just the right amount of challenge.
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Kendra Cox
AKA Kendy Cane

Students describer her as: fashionable, nice, easy going and helpful.

Ever since she could walk Kendra has been dancing. Her repertoire of dance genres is ever expanding. Starting with ballet and jazz she was just a wee one dancing as a duckie on stage, followed by many other genres where she’d be droppin’ down low like hip hop. Kendra truly does loves all dance! Latin is her newest and coolest dance love since it brings the fun challenge of dancing with a partner, building a connection and learning how to communicate through the expressive language dance. As a teacher in Latin dance, she brings not only fun and smiles to her classes but also the knowledge of technique taken from her ballet background. Always ready to step out on that dance floor, come out and join a Latin class! Once you start you may never stop!
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Brie Larson
AKA Brie

Students describer her as: sweet, humble, enthusiastic, kind

Brie has been dancing since the tiny age of 2 and has always had a passion for moving to music! She trained at Academy of Dance for 15 years and performed throughout the Okanagan in various dance competitions. Some other notable performances include performing on Main Street in Disneyland and with the Moscow Ballet in The Great Russian Nutcracker. Brie has also done countless workshops at various dance competitions in addition to participating with the Rocky Mountain Dance Project in Jasper. After graduating high school in 2019 she went on to teaching dance locally and in Ashcroft. Brie dabbles in many genres but really loves modern, contemporary, and lyrical styles of flow and movement. She brings her enthusiasm, expertise, and sweet attitude in all that she does and is excited to share her passion for dance with you.
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Caroline Veller
AKA Caroline

Students describer her as: knowledgeable, confident, outgoing, kind.

Caroline is a dedicated fitness professional with a passion for improving client health, wellness and their quality of life. She has a strong background in Pilates, yoga, weights, running and dance. She is highly motivated to help others reach their health and fitness goals. She has a wide range of skills and a strong knowledge base in anatomy including function of the pelvic floor, deep abdominals and the effects of pregnancy and birth. One of her specialties includes identifying signs of PFD, POP and Diastasis Recti and exercise planning around those. With excellent knowledge of physiology and anatomy accompanied by strong verbal cueing skills her classes are certainly of the highest quality. She also has the unique ability to truly connect with people and she brings this into every class she teaches. Come experience her wealth of knowledge, skills and personality for a top-notch fitness or dance experience.
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Colleen Madonna AKA Colleen

Students describe her as: deeply spiritual, inspiring, sincere, loyal, passionate, energetic and fun-loving.

Colleen has been fascinated with the unfolding of human potential from an early age. This curiosity inspired her to learn and teach everything from reflexology, aerobics, weight training and various styles of yoga including Kripalu, Ashtanga and Kriya. Colleen’s hunger for wisdom and knowledge brought her to Victoria BC where she earned her degree in the Feldenkrais method. She has woven her twenty-five years of passion and expertise into the fabric of every class she teaches. Colleen’s other loves include spending time in the presence of children, being creative with food, kayaking, hiking, and anything else that draws her into nature.
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