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Let’s Move Studio provides a safe, friendly atmosphere for you to reach your fitness goals. whether your goals are losing weight, strengthening your core, toning and sculpting, boosting your self-confidence, or just life-long health and vibrancy, there’s something for everyone. Come on your own or join with a group of friends, our instructors will help you feel healthy and encouraged!



Ages:  All Ages

Level:  Beginners/All levels (Suitable for Beginners and Intermediates with the Individual working at their own level)

Style: Drop-in

Description:  Pilates on the mat will help to strengthen and lengthen the entire body.  This class will also improve flexibility and will help develop control and endurance. It will include deep core work and end range strengthening with an emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance.  This could very well be the most powerful hour of your entire week!


Kickboxing – All Levels

Ages: All Ages

Level:All levels

Style: Drop-in

Description: This exhilarating partner style work out will feature a warm up, shadow boxing, pad work and stretching. It will teach techniques to a variety of punches, kicks, knees and blocks in a partner style setting. This format is fun and is perfect for friends, couples, co-workers or team building. Partner drills will revolve around interval timing using traditional 2 minute boxing rounds as the main portion of the work out to create stamina and endurance. This class will help improve cardiovascular health as well as tighten and tone the entire body in a fun filled encouraging atmosphere. This class is suitable for guys and girls alike of all ages. Take out your stress and join us to pound some pads!


Barre – All Levels

Ages: All Ages

Level: All Levels

Style: Drop-in

Description: Barre exercises workout the entire body while targeting and toning specific muscle groups to burn fat and sculpt and tone your seat, arms, thighs and abs. This is achieved through concentrated isometric movements that work the muscle to fatigue and then stretching the muscle to lengthen it. Barre technique is an athletic fusion of elements from dance, Pilates, Yoga and weight resistance. You WILL see results within 3 weeks of starting Barre Classes. Barre movements create a low-impact workout, making it safe for almost everyone.


POUND – All Levels

Ages: All Ages

Level: All Levels

Style: Drop-in

Description: ROCKOUT. WORKOUT. Channel your inner rockstar with this full-body cardio jam session, inspired by drumming. Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted exercise drumsticks, torch calories and tone while rocking out to your favourite music! SWEAT. SCULPT. ROCK. WITH POUND®


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All Classes will be moved outdoors from March 30 - April 19, 2021 because of the current PHO in British Columbia.

Please join us in Prince Charles Park - 1145 Nicola St, Kamloops, BC.

Bring any equipment necessary with you to the park and dress for the weather.

We will be operating our full schedule as posted. Max capacity is 10 people per class, please make your reservations in advance on the application.

Social distancing of 2.5 Meters in effect.

In the event of rain or bad weather you will be notified via email and text message. Ensure your information is up to date in your profile inside the application to receive real time updates to your mobile device.

Let's have some SAFE FUN OUTDOORS!

See you there!

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