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At Let’s Move Studio we realize that the needs of our students are diverse! Some people travel or do shift work; some are students and some come as a family. This is why we have a flexible pricing structure to suit the needs of all! With punchcard flexibility, you don’t have to lock in to monthly payments and you never have to pay for classes if you get sick or go away for a while!

With unlimited classes, you get the best prices and you can come to as many as you like to get your money’s worth! Ultimately you win when your health and quality of life improves as a result of your commitment!

1 Month (Exp. 4 Weeks)One Month Unlimited (20)(1 Hr)$6.30$126.00$6.30$126.00

Expires Cost Per Class (Before Tax) Total Cost (Before Tax) GST (5%) Total Charge (With GST)
Drop In Drop In(1 Hr) $14.29 $14.29 $00.71 $15.00
Drop In(1.5 Hr) $19.05 $19.05 $00.95 $20.00
Punchcard(Exp. 6 Months) 10 X Punch(1 Hr) $12.00 $120.00 $6.00 $126.00
1 Month (Exp. 4 Weeks) One Month Unlimited (20)(1 Hr) $6.30 $126.00 $6.30 $126.00

1 Hour represents approx. 60 minutes (some classes vary between 50 – 75 mins in length)

Progressive Dance Classes are run in terms:

(Fall: Sept – Dec, Winter: Jan – March, Spring: April – June, Summer: July – Aug)

Let’s Move Studio accepts:

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